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About the Society

The SBE (Brazilian Econometric Society, Sociedade Brasileira de Econometria in Portuguese) is a nonprofit association that promotes the use of quantitative methods in the study of economic problems. It was founded in 1979. Currently, its main activities are the publication of its journal, the Brazilian Review of Econometrics, and its annual meeting.

The Journal

The Brazilian Review of Econometrics is published twice per year. It is also available online on an open-access basis. For further information, please visit its website

The Meeting

The SBE’s first meeting took place in 1979. Since then, the event has happened every year without interruption. It usually takes place during the second week of December. The conference starts on Tuesday afternoon and ends on Friday morning. This year the 42nd Meeting of the Brazilian Econometric Society  will take place from December 8th to 10th and the preliminary program is available here.


Paper Submission

The exact period for submission varies slightly from year to year. It usually starts around July 10 and ends on August 28. Submissions are made online through the platform. Every submitter has to be a member of the society and each person can submit at most one paper.


Registration for the 42nd Meeting of the Brazilian Econometrics  is open. The program can be found here.

Registration deadlines:

Speakers:                       November 23, 2020

Other participants:      November 27, 2020 (discounted registration fee)

                                        December 1, 2020 (full price)


• To register, please fill out the registration form below, and then pay the registration fee via PayPal (link below) or bank transfer to:

• Sociedade Brasileira de Econometria, CNPJ 00.580.118/0001-36, Banco Itaú, agência 0271, conta 70120-3.

• If paid by bank transfer, please send proof of payment to secsbe@fgv.br.


Registration fees:

If paid by November 27:

• Students: R$ 60,00 | Paypal

(Undergraduate and graduate students only)

• Professionals: R$ 100,00 | Paypal

If paid between November 28 and December 1:

• Students: R$ 100,00 | Paypal

(Undergraduate and graduate students only)

• Professionals: R$ 150,00 | Paypal


*We require proof of enrollment in an accredited undergraduate or academic (strictu sensu) graduate program.

 If you are paying the fee as a student please send a copy of your student ID, or other document proving your student status, to secsbe@fgv.br.


• Registration cannot be canceled or refunded.

• Registered participants of the 42nd Meeting of the Brazilian Econometric Society are entitled to attend the lectures of the 48th Meeting of the ANPEC (and vice versa).



Every person interested in Economics can join the SBE. The yearly membership fee is charged in BRL. Its current value is BRL 170. At the end that amount was roughly equal to US$ 46 at the prevailing exchange rate. Students pay the reduced fee of BRL 60. The fee can be paid through PayPal.


Contact and Further Information

Please, send an email to secsbe@fgv.br if you wish to have further information about the SBE. 

Praia de Botafogo, 190 • 10º Andar • Sala 1032 • CEP 22250-900 • Rio de Janeiro • RJ • Brasil

Tel.: (0xx21) 2551-4658 • Fax: (0xx21) 2552-4898 • secsbe@fgv.br

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