• 2020

Econometria - Empate

1º "Identifying Marginal Treatment Effects in the Presence of Sample Selection"

Otavio Bartalotti (Iowa State University), and Vitor Augusto Possebom (Yale University) and Desire Kedagni (Iowa State University)

1º “Loss aversion and the welfare ranking of policy interventions"

Sergio Firpo (Insper), Antonio Galvão (Universidade do Arizona), Martyna Kobus (Polish Academy of Sciences), Tom Parker (University of Waterloo) and Pedro Rosa-Dias (Imperial College London)



1º “Minimum Dispersion Risk-Neutral Measures and Asset Prices in Incomplete Markets”

Caio Almeida (Princeton University) and Gustavo Freire (FGV EPGE)

2º “Does Stock Manipulation Distort Corporate Investment? The Role of Short Selling Costs and Share Repurchases”

Murillo Campello (Cornell University & NBER), Rafael Matta (SKEMA Business School - Université Côte d'Azur) and Pedro Saffi (University of Cambridge — Judge Business School)


Macroeconomia Aplicada

1º “Slums and Pandemics" 

Luiz Brotherhood (Universitat de Barcelona, BEAT & FGV EPGE), Tiago Cavalcanti (University of Cambridge and FGV EESP), Daniel da Mata (FGV EESP) and Cezar Santos (Banco de Portugal, FGV EPGE & CEPR)

2º “Speculation-Driven Business Cycles”

Saki Bigio (UCLA) and Eduardo Zilberman (PUC-Rio)


Microeconomia Aplicada

1º “More than Words: Leaders' Speech and Risky Behavior During a Pandemic"

Nicolas Ajzenman (FGV EESP and IZA), Tiago Cavalcanti (University of Cambridge, FGV EESP and CEPR) and Daniel Da Mata (FGV EESP)

2º “Labor Unions and the Electoral Consequences of Trade Liberalization”

Emanuel Ornelas (FGV EESP), Pedro Molina Ogeda (FGV EESP) and Rodrigo Soares (Insper)


Teoria Econômica

1º “Risk Classification in Insurance Markets with Risk and Preference Heterogeneity”

Vitor Farinha Luz (University of British Columbia), Piero Gottardi (University of Essex) and Humberto Moreira (FGV EPGE)

2º “Information Acquisition and Disclosure by a Biased Advisor”

Paula Onuchic (New York University)

• 2019


1º "Homophily in Preferences or Meetings? Identifying and Estimating an Iterative Network Formation Model"

Luis Alvarez (IME/USP), Vladimir Ponczek (FGV EESP) e Cristine Pinto (FGV EESP)

2º “Microfounded Forecasting"

Wagner Gaglianone (BCB) e João Victor Issler (FGV EPGE)



1º "Risk Externalities in Corporate Investment"

Felipe Iachan (FGV EPGE) e Dejanir Silva (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

2º “Tail Risk Exposures of Hedge Funds: Evidence from Unique Brazilian Data"

Caio Almeida (Princeton University), Marcelo Fernandes (FGV EESP) e João Paulo Valente (Yale University)

Macroeconomia Aplicada

1º “Multi-Product Pricing: Theory and Evidence for Large Retailers in Israel" 

Marco Bonomo (Insper), Carlos Carvalho (PUC-Rio e BCB), Krystov (Bank of Canada), Ribon (Bank of Israel) e Rodolfo Rigato (Harvard University)

2º “Dispersion in Financing Costs and Development”

Tiago Cavalcanti (University of Cambridge e FGV EESP), Joseph Kaboski (University of Notre Dame), Bruno Martins (BCB) e Cezar Santos (FGV EPGE)


Microeconomia Aplicada

1º “The Unintended Consequences of Public School Subsidies on Educational Markets"

Leonardo Rosa (Stanford University)

2º “Does Credit Boost Agriculture? Impacts on Brazilian Rural Economy and Deforestation”

Priscila Zeraik de Souza (Climate Policy Initiative/PUC-Rio), Juliano Assunção (PUC-Rio), Pedro Fernandes (CPI/PUC-Rio) e Sérgio Mikio (BCB)


Teoria Econômica

1º “Information Design with Recommender Systems”

Daniel Monte (FGV EESP) e Caio Lorecchio (FGV EESP)

2º “Rational Choice with Full-comparability Domains”

Gil Riella (FGV EPPG), Leandro Nascimento (UnB) and Bruno Furtado (Columbia University)


• 2018


1º "BooST: Boosting Smooth Trees for Partial Effect Estimation in Nonlinear Regressions"

Yuri Fonseca (Universidade de Columbia), Marcelo Medeiros (PUC-Rio), Gabriel Vasconcelos (PUC-Rio) e Alvaro De Lima Veiga Filho (PUC-Rio)

2º “Component shares in continuous time"

Gustavo Dias (Aarhus University), Marcelo Fernandes  (FGV EESP) e Cristina Scherrer (Aarhus University)



1º “The Cross-Section of Retail Investors: Tax-Inattention, Performance and Behavioral Biases”

Justin Birru (Ohio State University), Fernando Chague (FGV EESP), Rodrigo Bueno (FEA/USP) e Bruno Giovannetti (FGV EESP)

2º “Volatility Discovery”

Gustavo Dias (Aarhus University), Cristina Scherrer (Aarhus University) e Fotis Papailias (King's College London)


Macroeconomia Aplicada

1º “On the implications of strategic uncertainty for expectation formation in macroeconomics" 

Marcel B Ribeiro (FGV EESP)

2º “International Reserves Management in a Model of Partial Sovereign Default”

Ricardo Sabbadini (Banco Central do Brasil e FEA/USP) 


Microeconomia Aplicada

1º “Money and Politics: The Effects of Campaign Spending Limits on Political Entry and Competition"

Eric Avis(University of California, Berkeley), Claudio Ferraz (PUC-Rio), Frederico Finan (University of California, Berkeley) e Carlos Varjao (Stanford University)

2º “Can Better Peers Signal Less Success? The Disruptive Effect of Perceived Rank on Career Investment”

Rafael P. Ribas (University of Amsterdam), Breno Sampaio (UFPE) e Giuseppe Trevisan (UFPE)


Teoria Econômica

1º “Robust project selection in cost-based procurement”

Rodrigo B. Andrade (FGV EPGE) e Humberto Moreira (FGV EPGE) 

2º “Water Wind and Fire: Competitive Equilibrium in Electricity Markets with Renewables”

Rodrigo Moita (Insper) e Daniel Monte (FGV EESP)

• 2017


1º "A Correction for Regression Discontinuity Designs with Multiple Mismeasurement Types in the Running Variable" (artigo aceito para publicação no Journal of Business & Economic Statistics)

Otavio Bartalotti (Iowa State University), Quentin Brummet (U.S. Census Bureau) and Steven Dieterle (University of Edinburgh)

2º “Seasonal Weighted Lag Adaptive LASSO"

Lara Nassar Rangel (UFRGS) and Flavio A. Ziegelmann (UFRGS)



1º “Nonparametric Assessment of Hedge Fund Performance”

Kym Ardison (FGV/EPGE), Caio Almeida (FGV/EPGE) and René Garcia (Université de Montréal)

2º “Systemic Risk in Financial Systems: a feedback approach”

Thiago Silva (BCB), Benjamin Tabak (UCB) and Michel Alexandre (BCB)


Macroeconomia Aplicada

1º “Monetary Policy, Trend Inflation and Unemployment Volatility" (artigo publicado no Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 50(4), June 2018, pages 637-673)

Sergio Lago Alves (BCB)

2º “Family Planning and Development: Aggregate Effects of Contraceptive Use”

Cezar Santos (FGV/EPGE), Tiago Cavalcanti (University of Cambridge and FGV/EESP) and Georgi Kocharkov (University of Konstanz)


Microeconomia Aplicada

1º “The External Cost of Prostitution: Evidence from Downsizing Red Light Districts in the Netherlands"

Rafael P. Ribas (University of Amsterdam) and Erasmo Giambona (Syracuse University)

2º “Non-Contributory Health Insurance and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Mexico”

Renata Narita (FEA/USP), Gabriella Conti (University College London,IFS) and Rita Ginja (University of Bergen,IZA)


Teoria Econômica

1º “Coalitional Expected Multi-Utility Theory”

Kazuhiro Hara (FGV/EPGE), Efe Ok (NYU) and Gil Riella (FGV/ENAE)

2º “Earnings Dynamics: The Role of Learning, Human Capital, Accumulation, and Performance Incentives”

Braz Camargo (FGV/EESP), Fabian Lange (McGill University) and Elena Pastorino (Stanford University)

• 2016


1º “Identification of Counterfactuals in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models”

Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues (University of Toronto), Myrto Kalouptsidi (Princeton) e Paul Scott(New York University)

2º “Measurement Errors in Quantile Regression Models” (artigo publicado no Journal of Econometrics)

Sergio Firpo (Insper), Antonio Galvão (University of Iowa) e Suyong Song (University of Iowa)



1º “The Choice Channel of Financial Innovation”

Felipe Iachan (FGV/EPGE), Plamen Nenov (BI) e Alp Simsek (MIT)

2º “Liquidity Runs”

Rafael Matta (University of Amsterdam) e Enrico Perotti (University of Amsterdam e CEPR)


Macroeconomia Aplicada

1º “FX Interventions in Brazil: A Synthetic Control Approach” (artigo publicado no Journal of International Economics

Marcio Garcia (PUC-Rio), Marcos Chamon (IMF) e Laura Pitta (Itau-Unibanco)

2º “Trade Policy in a Dynamic Heckscher-Ohlin Model”

Heron Rios (FGV/EPGE), Pedro Cavalcanti Ferreira (FGV/EPGE) e Alberto Trejos (INCAE)


Microeconomia Aplicada

1º “Bright Minds, Big Rent: Gentrication and the Rising Returns to Skill"

Cecilia Machado (FGV/EPGE), Lena Edlund (Columbia University) e Maria Sviatschi (ColumbiaUniversity)

2º “The Power of the State: National Borders and the Deforestation of the Amazon”

Robin Burgess (LSE), Francisco Costa (FGV/EPGE) e Benjamin Olken (MIT)


Teoria Econômica

1º “Optimal Mirrleesian Taxation in Non-competitive Labor Markets”

Lucas Maestri (FGV/EPGE) e Carlos E. da Costa (FGV/EPGE)

2º “Public versus Secret Voting in Committees”

Marcos Yamada Nakaguma (FEA/USP) e Andrea Mattozzi (European University Institute)

• 2015


1º "Synthetic Control Estimator: A Walkthrough with Condifence Intervals"

Sergio Firpo (FGV/EESP) e Vitor Possebom (FGV/EESP)

2º "The TZ Robust Nonparametric Frontier Estimator"

Hudson Torrent (UFRGS) e Flavio Ziegelmann (UFRGS)



1º "Short-Selling Restrictions and Returns: a Natural Experiment"

Marco Bonomo (Insper); João Manoel Pinho de Mello (Insper) e Lira Mota (FGV/EPGE)

2º "Changing the Climate for Banking: The Economic Effects of Credit in a Climate-Vulnerable Area"

Daniel Da Mata (IPEA) e Guilherme Resende (IPEA)


Macroeconomia Aplicada

1º "(Mis)Allocation Effects of an Overpaid Public Sector"

Tiago Cavalcanti (University of Cambridge) e Marcelo dos Santos  (Insper) 

2º "Optimal Monetary Interventions in Credit Markets"

Luis Araujo (FGV/EESP) e Tai-Wei Hu (Kellogg School of Management Department of Magagerial Economics and Decision Sciences)


Microeconomia Aplicada

1º "International Competition and Labor Market Adjustment "

João Paulo Pessoa (FGV/EESP)

2º "A Compensating Differentials Theory of Informal Labor Markets: Quantitative Model and Implications for a Developing Country "

Rodrigo R. Soares (FGV/EESP) e Daniel Haanwinckel (University of California at Berkeley)


Teoria Econômica

1º "Revealed preference and identification"

Leandro Gorno (FGV/EPGE) 

2º "Dynamic coordination among heterogeneous agents" (artigo publicado no Journal of Economic Theory )

Bernardo Guimaraes (FGV/EESP) e Ana Elisa Pereira (FGV/EESP)



• 2014


1º "Nonparametric Estimation of a Generalized Regression Model with Group Effects"

 Eduardo A. Souza-Rodrigues (University of Toronto) 

"Assessing functional form specifications for the Unconditional Quantile Partial Effects in the GMM Framework"

Cristine Campos de Xavier Pinto (Sao Paulo School of Economics - FGV), Sergio Firpo (Sao Paulo School of Economics - FGV) e Graciela Sanroman (DECON-UDELAR) 



1º "Distress Resolution Costs and Bankruptcy Risk: Evidence from CDS Markets"

Rafael Matta (University of Amsterdam), Murillo Campello (Cornell University e

NBER) e Tomislav Ladika (University of Amsterdam)

2º "Barrier Style Contracts under Lévy Processes: an Alternative Approach"

José Fajardo (FGV/EBAPE)


Macroeconomia Aplicada

1º "Stable Firms and Unstable Wages: Theory and Evidence on the Rise in Earnings Instability in the US Economy"

Ana Abras (FEA-USP) 

2º "Financial disruption as a cost of sovereign default: a quantitative assessment"

Andre Diniz (Sao Paulo School of Economics - FGV) e Bernardo Guimarães (Sao Paulo

School of Economics - FGV)


Microeconomia Aplicada

1º "Migration, roads, and labor market integration: Evidence from a planned capital city"

Jaqueline Oliveira (Clemson University) e Melanie Morten (Stanford University) 

"Demand Shocks and Firm Dynamics: Evidence from Winners and Losers in Procurement Auctions"

Dimitri Szerman (PUC-Rio e Climate Policy Initiative), Claudio Ferraz (PUC-Rio) e Frederico Finan (UC Berkeley) 


Teoria Econômica

1º "Competitive Screening under Heterogeneous Information"

Lucas Maestri (FGV/EPGE), Daniel Garrett (Toulouse School of Economics) e Renato

Gomes (Toulouse School of Economics)

2º "Robust Decision-Making"

Vinicius Carrasco (PUC-Rio) e Humberto Moreira (FGV/EPGE) 


• 2013


1º "Smoothing Quantile Regressions"

Emmanuel Guerre (Queen Mary University of London), Marcelo Fernandes (Sao Paulo School of Economics-FGV) e
Eduardo Horta (DEST-UFRGS)  

2º “Forecasting Multivariate Time Series under Present-Value-Model Short- and Long-run Co-movement Restrictions”

Osmani Teixeira de Carvalho Guillén (Banco Central do Brasil e IBMEC), Alain Hecq (Maastricht University), João Victor Issler (FGV-EPGE) e Diogo Saraiva (FGV-EPGE) 



1º "Improved Creditor Protection and Verifiability in the U.S."

Erasmo Giambona (University of Amsterdam), Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes (EDHEC Business School) e Rafael Matta (University of Amsterdam)

2º “The Effect of Political Alignment on Public Federal Bank Lending”

Sérgio Leão (Banco Central Brasil), João Manoel Pinho de Mello (PUC-Rio) e Cláudio Ferraz (PUC-Rio) 


Macroeconomia Aplicada

1º "Sovereign default risk and commitment for fiscal adjustment" (artigo publicado no Journal of International Economics)

Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves (FEA-USP) e Bernardo Guimaraes (Sao Paulo School of Economics-FGV)

2º “On the Determinants of Slum Formation”

Tiago Cavalcanti (University of Cambridge) e Daniel Da Mata (IPEA)


Microeconomia Aplicada

1º "DETERring Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Environmental Monitoring and Law Enforcement"

Juliano Assunção (Climate Policy Initiative e PUC-Rio), Clarissa Gandour (Climate Policy Initiative e PUC-Rio) e Romero Rocha (Climate Policy Initiative e PUC-Rio)

2º “Winners and Losers in the Labour Market: Heterogeneous Effects of Brazil-China Trade”

Francisco Costa (FGV-EPGE), Jason Garred (London School of Economics) e João Paulo Pessoa (London School of Economics)


Teoria Econômica

1º "Simultaneous Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard"

Daniel Gottlieb (The Wharton School) e Humberto Moreira (FGV-EPGE)

2º “Dynamic Matching in Large Markets”

John Kennes (Aarhus University), Daniel Monte (Sao Paulo School of Economics-FGV) e Norovsambuu Tumennasan (Aarhus University) 

Patrocinador do 

Prêmio SBE 2013

• 2012


1º “Estimating Networks: Lasso for Spatial Weights”

Pedro Carvalho Loureiro de Souza (London School of Economics)

2º “The Nonlinear Iterative Least Squares (NL-ILS) Estimator: An Application to Volatility Models” 

Gustavo Fruet Dias (Queen Mary University of London)



1º “Price discovery and instantaneous effects among cross listed stocks”

Cristina Mabel Scherrer (Queen Mary, University of London) 

2º “Violence-related costs and disclosure: why are some firms unwilling to disclose executive’s compensation?” 

Fernando Caio Galdi (FUCAPE Business School); Cristiano M. Costa (FUCAPE Business School); Fabio Motoki (FUCAPE Business School); Juan Manoel Sanchez (University of Arkansas) 


Macroeconomia Aplicada

1º “Globalization and the Industrial Revolution”

Pedro Cavalcanti Ferreira (EPGE-FGV); Marcelo Santos (Insper Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa); Samuel Pessoa (FGV) 

2º “Estimating Strategic Complementarity in a State-Dependent Pricing Model” (PUC-Rio) 

Arnildo da Silva Correa (Banco Central do Brasil); Marco Bonomo (EPGE/FGV); Marcelo Cunha Medeiros (PUC-Rio) 


Microeconomia Aplicada

1º “The Use of Violence in Illegal Markets: Evidence from Mahogany Trade in the Brazilian Amazon” (artigo aceito para publicação no American Economic Journal:Applied Economics)

Rodrigo R. Soares (PUC-Rio); Ariaster Chimeli (Ohio University)

2º “Isolated Capital Cities and Misgovernance: Theory and Evidence”

Bernardo de Vasconcellos Guimarães (FGV-EESP); Filipe R. Campante (Harvard Kennedy School); Quoc-Anh Do (Singapore Management University) 


Teoria Econômica

1º “Correlation of Types in Bayesian Games”

Luciano Irineu de Castro Filho

2º “Random Choice and Learning” 

Paulo Natenzon (Washington University in St. Louis)  

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