Voltar Voltar

Vol. 39, No. 2 (2019)


Winners and Losers from China's Ascension in International Trade: a Structural Approach
Joao Paulo Pessoa, Francisco Costa
Estimating the returns to education using a parametric control function approach: evidences for a developing country
André Portela Souza, Eduardo Zylberstajn
Wage gap decomposition models: A methodological contribution
Magno Rogério Gomes, Solange de Cássia Inforzato de Souza, Gabriela Gomes Mantovani, Vanessa Fortunato de Paiva
Sanitation and Health: Empirical evidence for Brazilian Municipalities
Enlinson Mattos, Cristine Pinto, Lucas Iten Teixeira, Luis Meloni
The efficiency of risk sharing between UK and US: Robust estimation and calibration under market incompleteness
Marcelo Fernandes, Jose Gil Vieira Filho
Existence and Non-Triviality of Equilibria in Economies with Default and Government
Jaime Orrillo, Jolive de Santana Filho Filho