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Vol. 40, No. 1 (2020)


Incentives in Brazilian Bolsa Família CCT Program: Adverse selection, moral hazard, improving mechanisms and simulations
Mauricio Soares Bugarin, Sérgio Gadelha, Artur Santos, Janete Duarte, João B. Amaral Jr., José Neves, Plinio Oliveira, Rebeca Regatieri
Wealth, Credit Constraints and Small Firms’ Investment: Evidence from Brazil
Flávia Chein, Cristine Pinto
Evidence on search costs under hyperinflation in Brazil: The effect of Plano Real
Julia P. Araujo, Mauro Rodrigues
Fiscal Multipliers in Bad Times: Does the Nature of a Recession Matter?
Nicolas Borsoi, Vladimir K Teles
Effects of asset frequency components on value-at-risk in emerging and developed markets
Milton Biage, Pierre Joseph Nelcide
A note on the estimation of minimum tracking error portfolios
Paulo Ferreira Naibert, João F. Caldeira, André A. P. Santos