Importants dates

• Submission Deadline: August 31
• Decisions Released: September 30
• Registration Opens: October 10

42nd Meeting of the Brazilian Econometric Society
Local: Online transmission via the Zoom

Date:  December 08,09,10 and 11, 2020.

Call for papers 
42ºnd Meeting of the Brazilian Econometric Society

Article Submission

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The 42nd Meeting of the Brazilian Econometric Society will be held online, via Zoom meeting platform, from December 08th to December 11th, 2020.


We welcome submissions in the following areas: Applied Microeconomics, Applied Macroeconomics, Business, Econometrics, Finance, and Theory.


We accept submissions in English or Portuguese. Papers must be submitted electronically in a single PDF file. Submitted papers must be unpublished and cannot have been submitted to the 49th ANPEC meeting. Only one submission per person is allowed.  


Authors must specify the area of their submission during the submission stage. Authors have the option of declaring whether they wish to have their paper considered for publication at the Brazilian Review of Econometrics.


SBE provides housing subsidy to students with accepted papers.


Submissions open on July 10. The submission fee must be paid by August 31, otherwise the paper will be withdrawn from considerationa.


Payment links:

Students (Undergraduate, Masters' or Ph)| R$ 60,00 

Professionals | R$ 170,00  


Payment Paypal or bank transfer, links:


• Students:     paypal


• Professionals: paypal


• Bank Transfer: Brazilian Econometric Society,CNPJ: 00.580.118/0001-36, Itaú bank , C/C: 70120-3, agência: 0271



*Required to send the proof of payment of the paypal to to send the proof of your submission / registration.

* Students should send an e-mail to, with a copy of the student's handbook and / or a university declaration, so that the registration is released by the SBE Secretariat.


Selection Committee 



Eduardo Faingold • Insper

Marcelo Rodrigues dos Santos • Insper


Applied Macroeconomics

Andre Luduvice • University of Pennsylvania

Bernardo Guimarães • FGV EESP

Henrique S. Basso • Bank of Spain - DG Economics

João Galindo da Fonseca • University of Montreal

Marcelo Pedroni • University of Amsterdam

Miguel Bandeira • London School of Economics


Applied Microeconomics

Bruno Barsanetti • FGV EPGE

Daniel Chaves • Western University

Gustavo Gonzaga • PUC-Rio

Gustavo Joaquim • Boston Fed

Leonardo Rosa • Stanford University

Nathaly M. Rivera • FEA USP

Pedro Forquesato • FEA USP

Rodrigo Moita • FEA USP



Eduardo Fonseca Mendes • FGV EMAP 

Hugo Jales • Syracuse University

Ricardo Masini • FGV EESP



Andrei S. Gonçalves • University of North Carolina

Caio Almeida • Princeton University 

Julia Fonseca • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ruy Ribeiro • Insper


Economic Theory

Henrique Oliveira • The Pennsylvania State University

Leandro Gorno • FGV EPGE

Pedro Vaissman Guinsburg • FEA USP



Paulo Arvate • FGV EAESP 

Sandro Cabral • Insper






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