Voltar Voltar

Vol. 40, No. 2 (2020)


Monte Carlo Test for Stochastic Trend in Space State Models for the Location-Scale Family
Ivair Ramos Silva, Dulcidia Ernesto, Fernando Oliveira, Reinaldo Marques, Anderson Oliveira
Do extended school day programs affect performance in college admission tests?
Daniel Araujo, Guilherme Bayma, Carolina Melo, Milena Mendonça, Luciano Sampaio
What Drives the Nominal Yield Curve in Brazil?
Marcelo Fernandes, Clemens Nunes, Yuri Reis
Country risk for emerging economies: a dynamical index proposal with a case study.
Ernesto Mordecki, Andrés Sosa Rodríguez
Decomposing public-private teachers’ wage gap: evidence from Brazil
Thais Barcellos, Guilherme Hirata
Evaluating the performance of degrees of freedom estimation in asymmetric GARCH models with t-student innovations
Thais C O Fonseca, Vinicius S Cerqueira, Helio S Migon, Christian A C Torres