Anais do 45º Encontro da Sociedade Brasileira de Econometria


45º EBE

Macroeconomia Aplicada

Brazilian Macroeconomic Dynamics Redux: Shocks, Frictions, and Unemployment in SAMBA Model

Angelo Marsiglia Fasolo, Eurilton Araújo Jr, Marcos Valli Jorge, Alexandre Kornelius and Leonardo Sousa Gomes Marinho

Consumption Tax Cuts vs Stimulus Payments

Yvan Becard and Mehdi Bartal


Eduardo Correia de Souza, Priscila Fernandes Ribeiro and Alex Muranaka

Fear and Volatility at the Zero Lower Bound

Fernando Mendo and Paymon Khorrami

Global Shocks and Exchange Rate Dynamics

Julio Mereb and Matthew Carl

Labor Market Effects of Unemployment Insurance and UBI in Developing Economies

Guilherme Gallego, Marcelo Santos, Alexandre Cunha and Bernardus van Doornik

Leavers and Stayers after Mass Layoffs: Evidence from Brazil

Carlos Carvalho, Natália Corado, Gustavo Gonzaga and Bruno Perdigão

Monetary Policy and Labor Markets in a Developing Economy

Felipe Iachan, Cezar Santos, Ana Paula Ruhe and Diego Gomes

Opaqueness and Liquidity in Over-the-Counter Markets

Fernando Lopes, Ângelo Mendes and Gabriel Toledo

Price Setting when Expectations are Unanchored

Marco Bonomo, Carlos Carvalho, João Ayres, Daniel Abib, Silvia Matos, Stefano Eusepi and Marina Perrupato

Redistribution and Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies

Vitor Augusto Teixeira Fancio and Marcelo Santos

Tax Reforms and Network Effects

Bruno Ricardo Delalibera, Pedro Ferreira, Diego Gomes and Johann Soares

The role of international reserves in mitigating financial shocks

Gabriel Pestana Guimarães, Vitor Costa and Aloísio Araújo

Transfer Progressivity and Development

Leandro De Magalhaes, Enric Martorell and Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis

Microeconomia Aplicada

Airborne Lead Pollution and Infant Mortality

Edson Severnini, Karen Clay and Xiao Wang

Asymmetric information in the Brazilian credit market: testing adverse selection predictions

Flavio Moraes, Felipe Iachan, Gustavo Araujo and Everton Gomes

Base-Shifting and Higher Elasticity of Taxable Income at the Bottom: The Curious Case of Brazil

Fábio Ávila de Castro, Maria Eduarda Tannuri-Pianto, Marcelo Medeiros and Rafael Terra

Cash Transfers and The Environment

Paulo Mencacci, Daniel Da Mata and Vladimir Ponczek

Credit, Entrepreneurship and Violence in Brazilian Favelas

Felipe Tomkowski, Victor Monteiro and Antonio Daniel Caluz

Cultivating Progress: The Impacts of Credit for Agricultural Investment in Brazil

André Sant’Anna, Luciano Machado, Wagner Oliveira and Priscila Souza

Do CCTs Create Conditions to Thrive? Bolsa Família and Social Mobility in Brazil

Diogo Britto, Alexandre Fonseca, Paolo Pinotti, Breno Sampaio and Lucas Warwar

Do labor inspections make a difference? An analysis of establishments in Brazil

Ísis Lira, Laura Schiavon, Gustavo Gonzaga and Ricardo Freguglia

Do Market and Government Interventions Affect Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Rhamon Talles, Daniel Da Mata and João P. Pessoa

Effects of distances on infant mortality in Brazil

Valdemar Pinho Neto, Cecilia Machado, Soraya Roman and Felipe Lima

Expertise Overlap and Team Productivity: Evidence from the Hospital Industry

Danyelle Branco, Bladimir Carrillo, Wilman Iglesias and Di Fang


Paulo Arvate, Gustavo Cordeiro, Joana Story and Leandro Pongeluppe

Hidden Hostility, Donor Attention and Political Violence

Rogerio Santarrosa, Siwan Anderson, Patrick Francois and Dominic Rohner

Household Electricity Default in Brazil: Evidence from Billing Data

Rodrigo Moita, Thiago Rodrigues, Halisson Rodrigues and Claudio Lucinda

Intergenerational Mobility in the Land of Inequality

Diogo Britto, Alexandre Fonseca, Paolo Pinotti, Breno Sampaio and Lucas Warwar

Let the Water Do the Work: Climate Adaptation Policies and Labor Market Outcomes

Yuri Barreto, Breno Sampaio, Bladimir Carrillo, Diogo Britto, Lucas Emanuel and Daniel da Mata

Local content in Brazilian oil and gas auctions

Davi Doneda Mittelstadt and Leonardo Bandeira Rezende

Parenthood and Productivity: Evidence from Administrative Data in Brazil

Caio de Holanda, Diogo Britto, Bruno Ferman, Alexandre Fonseca, Breno Sampaio and Lucas Warwar

Rooting for the same team: Shared social identities in a polarized context

Bruno Ferman, Nicolás Ajzenman and Pedro C. Sant’Anna

Routine-Biased Technological Change and Endogenous Skill Investments

Bladimir Carrillo, Danyelle Branco and Wilman Iglesias

Temperature, Effort, and Achievement

Ana Paula Melo and Mizuhiro Suzuki

The Career Incentives of Children’s Health Shocks

Guilherme Amorim, Diogo Britto, Alexandre Fonseca and Breno Sampaio

The Deforestation Effects of Trade and Agricultural Productivity in Brazil

Joao Paulo Pessoa, Francisco Costa and Igor Carreira

The Effects of Job Loss on Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Brazil

Rafael Vilarouca, Daniel Da Mata and Enlinson Mattos

The Long-Term Effect of Admission to a Top-Quality University on Crime

Giuseppe Trevisan, Breno Sampaio, Rafael P. Ribas and Suzanne Duryea

Trade Effects on Mortality: Evidence from China Shocks in Brazil

Luca Moreno-Louzada, Rodrigo Megale and Naercio Menezes-Filho

Understanding Migration Responses to Local Shocks

Rafael Dix-Carneiro, Kirill Borusyak and Brian Kovak

VAT refunds and firms’ performance: Evidence from a withholding reform in Honduras

Jose Carlo Bermúdez, Thiago Scot and David Pineda Pinto


Conviction, Employment, and Recidivism: Evidence from Brazil

Diogo Britto, Cleyton Farias, Pinotti Paolo and Sampaio Breno

Difference-in-Differences with a Continuous Treatment

Brantly Callaway, Andrew Goodman-Bacon and Pedro H. C. Sant’Anna

Estimation Risk in Conditional Asymmetric Least Squares

Victor Henriques, Marcelo Fernandes and Eduardo Mendes

Identifying Dynamic LATEs with a Static Instrument

Otávio Tecchio and Bruno Ferman

Inflation nowcasting in persistently high inflation environments

Richard Schnorrenberger, Aishameriane Schmidt and Guilherme Moura

Quantile Mixture Models: Estimation and Inference

Luis Alvarez and Victor Orestes

Was Javert Right To Be Suspicious? Marginal Treatment Effects with Censored Data

Santiago Acerenza, Vitor Possebom and Pedro Sant’Anna

What news and social media tell us about future inflation?

Gilberto Boaretto, Marcelo Fernandes, Marcelo C. Medeiros and Thiago Milagres


Banks’ physical footprint and financial technology adoption

Bernardo Ricca, Lucas Mariani and José Renato Ornelas

Block-Trading and Central Bank FX Transactions Announcements: Implications for Short-Term Volatility and Returns

Victor Hugo Alexandrino, Antonio Daniel Caluz, Bruno Cavani and Igor Martins

Currency Returns and Fundamental Sources of Risk

Giuliano De Queiroz Ferreira, Alex Luiz Ferreira Ferreira, Miguel Leon-Ledesma and Rory Mullen

Information Leakage from Short Sellers

Fernando Chague, Bernard Herskovic and Bruno Giovannetti

Semivolatility-managed portfolios

Daniel Batista da Silva and Marcelo Fernandes

Systemic risk and the interaction between monetary and macroprudential policies

Lucas Souza Beppler, Regis Augusto Ely, Anderson Mutter Teixeira and Benjamin Miranda Tabak

Teoria econômica

Accountability and Political Competition

Braz Camargo and Arianna Degan

Incentives in three-sided markets

Jorge Arenas Molina and Juan Pablo Torres-Martínez

Time Trumps Quantity in the Market for Lemons

Humberto Moreira, Piero Gottardi and William Fuchs